7 celebrities who manage life with chronic pain

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But if you really want an A6 to entertain, there are other, far less frugal alternatives such as the V8 powered S6 and RS6.We’ve already highly recommended the Audi A6 Ultra to eco minded fleet managers and family buyers alike, and now Audi has refreshed the executive model to further boost its appeal.New LED lights with funky ‘scrolling’ indicators, sharper grille and sill edges, plus fresh alloy wheel designs, are all that set the A6 apart. Inside, some new trim choices and a faster processor for the MMI infotainment appear payday loans, along with a dull new lever selector that’s not as cool as the old aircraft style handle.Still, boot space remains the same, at 565 litres, or 1,680 litres with the rear seats folded via a handy single lever. That’s less space than in the cavernous Mercedes E Class Estate, but it trumps the BMW 5 Series Touring.

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